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Muir and Osborne

DOGS ON JUMPERS - we will be selling our new book and for those not able to knit, jumpers with dogs from the book for men, women and children, as well as our winter collection cashmeres at reduced prices.

a brief history with highlights (edited by Ros)

1979 Start Warm and Wonderful.

1980 Princess Diana appears in a sheep jumper designed by Warm & Wonderful.

1983 Victoria and Albert Museum choose sheep jumper for exhibition and permanent collection.

1986 Appear on Police 5.

1987 Exhausted by jokes about name, change to Muir and Osborne.

1999 Muir & Osborne cardigan stars in ‘The Truman Show’ as important plot device.

2010 Best in Show knit your own dog published by Collins and Brown. Our Jack Russell appears in Vogue. For one glorious moment we get to no 1 in the Sport section of Amazon, beating both the Stig and a cricketer. Best in Show published by Black Dog and Leventhal in the US as Knit your Own Dog, for another glorious moment we beat Cesar Milan god of dog handling to the no1 spot in the Amazon Dog Care section.

knitting book after book after book & amazing dog painting too etc etc etc