Press Release 

BADGER’S VELVET UNDERGROUND: A designer collective at The Department Store, Brixton

A dynamic line-up of designers and makers are gathering for their inaugural collaboration at Brixton’s most prestigious new venue and exciting exhibition space The Department Store. 

Curated by designer and author Ros Badger, owner of the iconic knitwear company Little Badger and more recently Badger’s Velvet homeware, her showcase of designers and artists from a contact book spanning 30 years will not disappoint. 

Truly something for everyone. 

For designer's details visit www.badgersvelvetunderground.com or for more information & images

email queries@badgersvelvetunderground.com  

Contributors list  here

Preview evening: Friday 20th April 6pm - 9pm 

Saturday 21st April 10am – 6pm

The Department Store, 248 Ferndale Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8FR